Preparing a Home for Sale

Aside from price and location, one of the most important aspects of a home's timely sale is the condition of the property. Many repairs are cosmetic. However, if there are structural, soil, roof issues, etc. you will see a large reduction in the price you receive. The key is to make repairs that will bring you a return on the money you spend to make the repair. Many times you won't get back what you put into a repair.

  1. Paint
    A fresh coat of paint goes along way. The first impact to the buyer is clean and well kept. Tend to keep to neutral colors so the house seems like a blank slate to the interested party.

  2. Flooring
    Often sellers are able to see large returns on flooring by replacing torn, stained, worn carpet. Places of high foot traffic in the home should be considered first. Shop around to find inexpensive labor and material. Carpet, laminate, or vinyl are options often considered.

  3. Drywall
    Be sure any holes or dents are repaired. Unless you are very good at working with drywall you may consider hiring out the patchwork. You will want the walls looking as good as possible.

  4. Appliances
    Stoves, washers and dryers, dishwashers, etc. should be in good working order when you sell. A buyer doesn't want to incur immediate expenses once they enter the home.

  5. Roofing
    Be sure the roof looks the best it can. Roofing problems will often kill a sale as fast as anything else. Repair tiles, shingles, etc. so undue attention is not drawn to the roof. If the roof is in poor shape an inspector will likely bring that to attention. If it is in good shape you don't want to loose potential buyers to cosmetic issues.

  6. Carport
    If you have a driveway and no garage or carport consider pricing out the materials and labor to have one installed. Your agent can help you with that. Adding an inexpensive carport may bring you more buyers and a better return.

  7. Decorations
    Items placed in key locations throughout a home can help its appearance greatly. Candle holders, light fixtures, etc. are not usually too expensive and may pass as enhancements to a well kept home.

  8. Plumbing
    Buyers do not want to enter a home with plumbing issues, unless the price is discounted. Have any known issues repaired before the home goes on the market so water flows freely without leaky pipes or clogs. 

  9. Structural, Soils, Major Roof Issues
    A home's value may be in great jeopardy if there are structural issues in the walls, floors, ceilings, or roof. If you are aware of any you will want to have estimates done regarding repairs as well as the returns the repairs may bring.


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