Finding a Qualified Real Estate Agent

Your odds of a successful home purchase increase greatly if you employ a buyer's agent. In many markets buyers agents are paid by the home seller. You have little to loose by hiring an agent to represent you. They will take on much of the burden and do a lot of work behind the scenes to protect you and negotiate the best deal possible.

A real estate agent is a professional just like a banker, a retailer, or a lawyer. They have standards to live by. They have government rules to abide by. They are service providers representing you in the purchase of a product: a house or some other property. They will guide you through the process of finding the right home, negotiating the right price and then they will aid you with all the contractual aspects.

Customer service is important. When you look for your buyer's agent ask for referrals from people you may know from the area. Search online for names and numbers. Look for ads in magazines, newspapers, and signs. Call several of them to see how their response is. Narrow down your list. Call the same ones again and ask them a tough question. See how they treat you. Are they responsive? are they honest? are they pleasant? can you see yourself working with them under a lot of stress? You will likely have moments during the transaction when emotions run high and disagreements occur. Will you be able to reason together to get the job done?

Be loyal to your agent. You have hired them to do a job. They may suggest something that you don't agree with. Do not let emotion get the best of you. Don't get offended. Reason with them. Understand what they are recommending. Consider their professional advice. End the end you are the decision maker and the call is yours. However, their professional advice and expertise is worth a great deal.

A Buyer's Brokerage Agreement is the contact you will sign with your agent for him/her to represent you. There are different types of contracts and terms so be sure you understand the agreement you enter. Keep in mind the agreement is with a brokerage as well as the agent. The agent represents his brokerage. If he were to change brokerages or become disabled or die the brokerage would hand off your file to another agent in the same brokerage. If you fire the agent the brokerage will likely hand off the file to another agent there as well. The contract will likely be for a set period of time.

Using a buyer's agent enhances your odds of finding the right home for the right price and seeing it through to close. Take the time to find the right agent and work as a team to reach your goal.


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