Buy a Home with ZERO or No Cash Down

The No Down Payment program allows you to buy a home with very little money out of pocket. This is great news for all of you who are under the impression that a substantial down payment to buy a home. Whether you are currently a home owner or if you rent and are a first time home buyer and are looking to build equity for yourself, pay close attention to this article, it could make you Thousands in equity.

The No Down Payment program is great for people who want to keep their hard earned money but at the same time make a great investment; this is called leveraging. No Down Payment programs are even great for those who don’t have much money saved but, want to stop padding their land lord’s pockets. This article is to help you understand how the NO DOWN PAYMENT program works.

Let’s go over the loan qualifications. The ideally qualified person will have these things:

  1. An excellent credit history
    • no recent history of bad debts
    • consistent and timely payment of current liabilities
  2. Limited liabilities
    You will be required to disclose all current liabilities you have in order to determine your debt to income ratio, which simply is how much more debt can you take on besides what debt you already have. (i.e. present car loan, credit cards, etc.)
  3. At least 2 years of employment stability
    You will be required to show proof of employment for the past 2 years, i.e. a letter of employment from your employer or financial statements for the past 2 years if self-employed.
  4. The financial ability to carry larger monthly payments
    Without a down payment you will be required to meet the obligation of larger mortgage payments. Your monthly payments could vary from a few hundred to several hundred dollars more per month.

Under the Terms of the Program You Can Purchase Many Types of Properties
They include:

  • Single family residences (standard detached house)
  • Town homes
  • Condominiums

It is important to note that not all properties qualify for the Zero Cash Down Payment Program. To ensure that you get an accurate picture of what properties may or may not be included in this program in your particular area, it is advisable to review the terms of the program with your Realtor®.

It is also important to know that these are not the only qualifications for the No Down Payment program. It is possible to qualify for a loan program such as this and not meet all of these standards. There are thousands of loan programs out there for every buyer.


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