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Welcome to the Relocation Guide - your source for relocation information and resources. Our goal is to help you along in your home purchase or home sale. This site is dedicated to helping you out with processes, ideas, and education. As we can, we add articles to address common questions, concerns, or wonders. We want to cover the basics so anyone can begin here. 


Buying a Property

Buying property is an emotional experience and one of the most important experiences and investments that most people make. It is challenging to be a logical, rational, decision maker when you see home after home and the excitement and/or frustration builds inside. We provide resources to help you make a decision that can save you time and money both at the time of purchase and on an ongoing basis. We'll help you answer questions to see through a few well placed flowers and a new shiny coat of paint to consider what's below the surface. We'll also guide you to make sure your home fits your situation and what to look for in an agent.

Selling a Property

Selling property can be daunting. However, if you prepare and learn what to look for and what is important to the other side you can create a stunning image which is what most buyers will buy. Topics will suggest some ways to spend small amounts of money and time to spruce up the home and appeal to the senses. We'll suggest certain key repairs are made that no new home buyer would want to deal with. We'll also suggest ways to choose a listing agent.

Moving to a Property

Pulling up stakes and moving a family or career is a lot of work. However, if scheduled properly a move can be very manageable and stress reduced. We have a handful of articles to help you plan and prepare. We want to make sure you can get out of Dodge safely and effectively.

Owning a Property

Home ownership often brings a great sense of pride. Besides being a great investment in many markets, a home is also a source of security -- a base where families connect. We have some suggestions for you to maintain your pad and make your castle a great place to live.

Building Your Real Estate Team

Whether buying or selling a property having the right team on your side makes a huge difference in making sure the job is done right and how timely it happens. Be sure to put the right professionals in place to take a load off your shoulders.

Good luck with your transition!


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