Home Owners Maintenance Schedule

Like an automobile a home requires maintenance to keep it safe and in good working order. Systems for heating, cooling, providing energy, protecting the home, etc. weather and wear out with time and use.

Taking time and money to fix things as they come along will save you greatly down the line. As an example, if you see something wrong with the water heater get it fixed or replaced as needed so that you don't have to pay for new drywall, carpet, and other things that ruin if the heater develops a leak.

Use the suggestions below for ideas. Every month stash a little money so you can budget for repairs and enhancements.

Annual Maintenance
Assignment Status Task
____________ Water Heater: Have your water heater consider having it inspected annually by a professional.
____________ Furnace or Heating System: Have filters changed, chimneys cleaned, etc. before the winter cold sets in.
____________ A/C Unit: Have your A/C or cooling unit inspected and filters changed just before the summer heat.
Semi Annual Maintenance
Assignment Status Task
____________ Smoke Alarms: Change your smoke alarm batteries twice a year. Do it on day-light-savings-time and then again with the switch back.
____________ Flash Lights: Change flash light batteries in the home.
____________ Fire Extinguishers: Check the charge and replace or repair any that may be non-functional.
____________ Sprinkler Systems and Hoses: If you live in a place where the ground may freeze drain your outdoor irrigation systems well before the first freeze.
Quarterly Maintenance
Assignment Status Task
____________ First Aid Kits: Check First Aid kits for necessary supplies and replace any that have been used up.
____________ Electrical: Unplug any units plugged into outlets and clean dust and debris from around the area to prevent a possible fire.
____________ Food Storage: If you have food stored check it for rodents and rearrange older food to be used next.
Monthly Maintenance
Assignment Status Task
____________ Fuel: Check fuel stored in a garage or other storage unit to make sure it is in a safe container and in a safe location.
Weekly and Miscellaneous Maintenance
Assignment Status Task
____________ Yard: If you have grass mow it once a week or every 10 days depending on your climate.
____________ Bathrooms: Bathrooms are a primary source for bacteria growth. Clean and disinfect bathrooms.
    Kitchens: Kitchens are a primary source for bacteria growth. Clean and disinfect them.


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