Great Interior Decorating Ideas for Your Home

There are many sites out there with some great ideas on making your home comfortable, classic, modern, and unique. Here are some ideas we have come across.

  1. Colors
    Colors often represent moods, emotions, and attitudes. Carefully select colors for each room. Many rooms should be light and cheerful. Some may be better neutral or dark. Carefully analyze the rooms function and what you want to feel in the room. Be aware that trendy colors go out of style and you may have to repaint if you select one for a room. Whites lighten up a room but show marks easier. Off-whites can lighten up a room and conceal some marks. Choose a paint that is easy to clean, hides wall defects, and reflects appropriately. Choose colors you can see yourself feeling comfortable in so your home is a welcome place.

  2. Mirrors
    Mirrors give the appearance of a larger home. If they are well placed they can make a room seem longer or wider. They may also be well place for people to give a quick primp. Full wall mirrors are a trend that may not be around long. Be sure you can easily remove any mirrors you use. Full length mirrors are often a plus in bedrooms. Many people enjoy the sliding mirrors on closets. Mirrors can add space and light to a room at a very little cost.

  3. Furniture
    Choose pieces of furniture that coordinate. Colors should fit. Wood grains should be similar. The location of each piece should be deliberate and should work with other pieces in the room. Strive for balance in a room. Dark colors in one corner should be offset by dark colors in the opposing corner. Steer away from a ton of different colors. Choose three or so colors and try to have other things match, whether they compliment or contrast. Trendy furniture will soon be out of date so consider whether you will want to replace it soon or not. Make sure your furniture compliments your personality so you feel at home.

  4. Shelving
    A common problem in a home is storage. Add shelving in key rooms to create more space. Closets are great for extra shelves so that rooms aren't burdened with miscellaneous items. Decorative shelves can enhance a room a great deal as well. Make or buy small shelves to put plants or pictures on. Use them sparingly and place them well on the walls. Whether a shelf is for storage or for decoration make sure it is fastened securely to the wall.

  5. Pictures
    Pictures are not wall paper. Pictures are to be used to give life and variety to a room. Whether they are of family or they are painted make sure they match the room so they are not an eye sore. Choose the frames wisely and hang them securely.

  6. Flooring
    Tile is a great enhancement to a floor. Plush carpet is comforting. The flooring you are on every day makes an impact on how a room is used. It also makes a difference in how and how often the floor is maintained. Choose great flooring and you will be more comfortable and welcome in your own home.

  7. Recommended Idea Sites
    Here are some recommended sites you can check out for ideas:


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