Home Improvements

Have some ideas for enhancements? Here are some great options for enhancements to your house.

  1. Covered Deck/Patio
    If you spend a lot of time outside with the barbeque or with the kids you may want to have a covered deck or patio built. It is a great base for parents while the kids are out in the yard or for company when they visit for a party or get together.

  2. Car Port
    If you don't have a garage consider adding a car port. Check into needed permits for your city and build or have built a protection for your car. It also serves as personal protection in times of acclimate weather.

  3. Storage Shed
    A home is often much more comfortable when there is less clutter in it. Having a shed in the back yard may remedy clutter and storage issues. Consider the space you have in your back yard and look into necessary permits. Budget for the shed and shop around. They are built with different materials and in different shapes. Decide where to put it and enjoy the additional space.

  4. Tile
    Entries, bathrooms, kitchens, places of heavy foot traffic, etc. are great places to put tile. It wears well, cleans relatively easy, and look attractive.

  5. Kitchens
    Having a gourmet kitchen is inviting to those who do the cooking. It is also functional for get togethers. Consider upgrading your counter tops, your dishwasher, your faucets and handles, and your other appliances.

  6. Ceiling Mounted Projector and Screen
    Ceiling mounted projectors are becoming very inexpensive and high quality. If you have the opportunity to run the cables and for surround sound and for the projector you can purchase a large screen and enjoy a virtual theator in your home.


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